Top Places To Visit In Maldives

Top Places To Visit In Maldives

There are numerous beautiful destinations to visit in the world, Maldives is one of them. It retains its luxurious aura which keeps on attracting those who are planning for a honeymoon. It has been an the first choice to visit to have the best beach holiday! The Maldives is a place that would make you feel refreshing and you can simply gaze at its white-sand beaches, crystalline lagoons, and azure
water and refresh your body and mind. Despite being a popular honeymoon destination, it is even preferred by family vacationers who come to rejuvenate amid the scenic island of Maldives.

List Of Top Places

This holiday destination is also for food fanatics, history, and art lovers as well as adventurers. Through this blog here, you can find top places to visit in the Maldives. Here is a list of famous places of interest of Maldives:

• COMO Island:

 COMO Island

It is the most sought-after places in the island country of Maldives. There is a large number of resorts which the best part of it all is the presence of the water villas. The COMO Cocoa Island has around 33 water villas, with the best facilities. The restaurant and the food are always there along with you can also engage in the rejuvenating activities like diving and snorkeling.

• Baros Island:

Baros Island

If you are looking for a place away from the crowd, then it is the best choice as it is a highly rated and one of the most popular islands in the Maldives. It has a boutique luxury resort and it is also famous for its natural elegance and beautiful corals. There are a number of water villas as well as island resorts providing luxe amenities, along with a few restaurants.

• Emboodhu Finolhu Island:

Emboodhu Finolhu Island

The interesting about this island is perhaps the arrangement of the water villas in the shape of a flower bud. It also has around 55 water villas, also houses the luxurious Taj Exotica Resort. You will get pampered with 5-star accommodation and amenities, and you can also enjoy a revitalizing spa retreat.

• Majeedhee Magu:

Majeedhee Magu

Street shopping is really fun and this is a perfect spot for that. You can find almost everything here that you want to buy. There numerous shops selling varieties of goods including latest fashion wear to gadgets to smallest commodities and even locally crafted items. You can also visit this place with your family.

• Artificial Beach:

Artificial Beach

Male does not own a natural beach so an artificial beach is constructed here. Here you can enjoy lot of fun activities. This place offers exciting activities. There are number of exciting water sports and if hunger strikes, you can visit the Dinemore or Oxygen Cafe located in the vicinity of the Artificial Beach.

National Museum:

National Museum

It preserves a large collection of historic artifacts that traces the history of Maldivian Islands. This three-storied museum is a portion of Maldivian Royal palace compound. There you can find collection of well-preserved galleries and artifacts of weaponry, household wares, religious paraphernalia, Arabic and Thaana-engraved pieces of wood and more.

Grand Friday Mosque:

Grand Friday Mosque

Its simplicity and white marble mosque is the biggest in the country. Grand Friday Mosque has a striking plainness look on the exterior with a golden dome. A visit to this place must be done between 9 am and 5 pm and a proper dress code is mandatory that is full-length clothes for both men and women.

Thus, if you are looking forward to planning your honeymoon or a vacation, then you can surely opt for Maldives. You will love this place for both its scenic beaches as well as exciting activities. Kalpana tours and travels is there to help you plan the trip without any hassle.

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