Thailand Tour Packages

Thailand Tour Packages

You want to have a tour to Thailand but don’t have any idea how to plan it? No matter which type of holiday you prefer whether you want Adventure, romantic or, family time, just avail Thailand tour packages and get rid of the tension of planning and organizing a trip. In a package, you get curated a list of activities choose from so go ahead and pick the one that is just right for you and enjoy your holidays in Thailand.

Thailand Tour Packages

Various Thailand Tour packages

For Honeymoon

Plan your honeymoon with a dose of romance as you enjoy the best of the destinations in Thailand. The packages of honeymoon include thrilling activities for the couple which will create lasting memories and at the same time, you have a chance to connect with each other like never before. Enjoy the pristine and uncrowded Wong Amat Beach or swim together in the azure ocean. You can also watch the sensational Alcazar Show which is an electric dance show that will leave astonished. This is the best place to shop your heart out and make your trip memorable for life with a beautiful and romantic dinner.

For Adventure

If you want to have an adventure in your trip to Thailand that means you are visiting simply for the watersports, then you should always opt for Thailand tour packages designed for adventure. There is no better option to seek your thrill than to visit one of its islands. Phuket is one of the most popular destinations for adventures, you can enjoy here various water sports like parasailing, scuba diving, water-skiing and many more. On your adventurous vacation, you can also visit Phi Phi Island which is one of the world’s top diving destinations where you can snorkel with the sharks! It is a world of adventure out there so grab the package suitable for you and enjoy your holiday with your friends in Thailand having an adventure.

For Families

Often people say that Pattaya is not a place for children, you can tell them about this holiday package which is specially designed for families with children. The best part of such packages is that you will not have to worry about the destination which you should visit with children and what not to visit. You can take your children on a fascinating tour to the Coral Island, across the crystal-clear waters on a speed boat. On this thrilling tour, you can also have lunch by the sea or, if your children are foodie, they can be treated with lunch on demand. The fun continues with a trip to Siam Ocean World which is the South East Asia’s largest aquarium, and the inimitable Madam Tussauds.

For The Luxury Addict

Go beyond Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, and discover a less-frequented destination if you want to have a luxurious trip. No need to worry just avail the Thailand tour packages which are designed for this. Koh Samui is a paradise for those who like to just chill on a vacation. Just check into a luxury resort and enjoy the Gulf of Thailand, taste the best of Thai food at your luxury hotel, and then get a spa treatment every single day or you can also opt for an island-hopping tour which will make your trip wonderful. You can even take day trips to nearby islands and try snorkeling, or just spend your days away on the beach and have a sunbathe under the Thai sun.

For The Busy Traveller

Though you are busy and you don’t have the time but want to have a quick vacation anyway, then Krabi is the place you should visit. Never forget to book a Thailand tour package as that would enable you to save much time on just planning. Krabi located on the shore of the Andaman Sea and just the sight of its blue waters is enough to relieve all the stress. You can also take a tour of the bays around the town and visit the locations of various film shoots and enjoy your time over there. The best part of this trip is that Krabi has an international airport so you don’t even have to transit.

So, pack your bags for a trip to Thailand and get the package from Kalpana tours and travels according to the vacation you want to have!