Spend Your Honeymoon In Europe

Spend Your Honeymoon In Europe

Europe is a perfect honeymoon destination for most couples. If you’re wondering how to spend your honeymoon, then there are places which can provide you extravagant luxurious honeymoon in Europe. Whatever your plan may be, irrespective of honeymoon dreams and travel style, you’ll find one of these romantic European destinations perfect for you.

Here are the most romantic European honeymoon destinations:

• The Greek Islands:

The Greek Islands

It is considered as one of the most romantic European destinations to spend your honeymoon. You can have a view of ancient artifacts and plunge into incredible history in Athens. All the islands around it are filled with unimaginable beauty. You can also have your way through some of the best Greek food Europe has to offer.

• Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest must be on your dream European honeymoon destination. The entire city of Budapest has lots of culture and romantic activities. You can spend your days soaking in steamy thermal baths or taking the gondola to the top of the citadel. While at night you can have cheap, incredible food, where you can find Europe’s secret city of love covered in a golden hue. You have the option to a romantic boat ride down the river for the best views.

• Slovenia:


The nature lovers will fall in love with Slovenia. It has a long stretch of rivers and lakes, cascading waterfalls and hiking trails. You can enjoy your European honeymoon in Slovenia’s picturesque countryside. It’s a tranquil place to relax. You can also hire a car and spend time seeing each corner of this incredible country. There are just so many reasons to visit Slovenia and spend your honeymoon here.

• Copenhagen, Denmark:

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a winter-lovers dream. This beautiful city, with colored houses lining the sea, turns into a winter wonderland for visitors. You can shop in the Christmas markets while the colors of the winter sunset glow across the sky.



Spain is one of the most romantic European destinations for any couple, whether it is about great food, culture and of course, quality time together. You can go for an outdoor screening of some of the best movies from the past. You can visit the glittery markets of Granada after getting free tapas with every alcoholic drink you order.

• Iceland:


It is the perfect place for a honeymoon. If you miss the dancing pinks, purples and greens lighting up the night’s sky, Iceland has so much to offer. You can spend your time touring glaciers and roaring waterfalls. You have can stay in romantic cottages under the stars, and soak up the steamy mineral waters of the Blue Lagoon. It is the place to sweep your partner off their feet and be completely spoiled with natural beauty.

Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina can be your perfect European honeymoon destination. It is another enchanting place to spend a summer honeymoon is Bosnia and
Herzegovina. It is known for its rich history and is ready for you two to explore everything it has to offer.

• France:


Most couples dream of a honeymoon in Paris which is the most romantic city. You can visit the Eiffel Tower glittering under the night sky, laying in a huge hotel and move around the famous streets with the love of your life. In the south of France, there are long stretches of beaches, fine dining, and spectacular views. You can hire a car and cruise along the coastline, past places like Nice and Cannes, with that sweet French breeze.

If you are planning a honeymoon to Europe then make sure that all these places are on your list as these are among the most romantic places in Europe! In order to avoid any hassle in the bookings, you can consult Kalpana tour and travel company who would bear all the hassles and you can completely enjoy the honeymoon.

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