Mauritius: The Perfect Choice For Your Next Trip

Mauritius: The Perfect Choice For Your Next Trip

Mark Twine once said that God first created Mauritius and then copied the Heaven from it. This is the genuine feeling of all the visitors who have witnessed the natural beauty and charm of this archipelago on Indian Ocean. Indeed, nature is the most vital attraction of Mauritius. However, the charm is not only for its sandy white beaches and lush landscapes; the place is a marvellous blend of diverse culture which represents the transformations that the place has encountered previously. Indian, French, Creole and Chinese are amalgamated together and have given birth to Mauritian Culture. Mauritius is one of the most visited places among tourists across the world and if you have not been to this paradise before or if you are planning your first Mauritius family holiday, Kalpanatourstravels is here to make your trip a lifelong cherishing memory.

Mauritius Family Holiday

Climate and Best time to visit:

20 degrees south of the equator, the Mauritius has two predominate seasons: a warm humid summer extending from November to April and a relatively cool dry winter from June to September. The weather is favourable throughout the year, but winter is the best time to visit and if you are not a rainy person, avoid January to March. The peak Mauritius family holiday season is starts from October and continues to April. However, May to December is best time when the weather is cool, dry and sunny.

What to visit?

Mauritius is has beaches, forts, parks, museums, religious places and shopping hubs. Tourists visit them according to their preferences. Here are some places you can visit in your Mauritius family holiday.

Île aux Cerfs Island

The most popular tourist destination Île aux Cerfs Island is known for its beaches
and lagoons, marine life and coral life. You can indulge in many water activities like snorkelling, water- skiing, banana boat rides and glass bottom rides in the island.

Botanical Garden

One of the oldest Botanical Gardens of the world is the most visited tourist
destinations in Mauritius, located near Port Louis. With more than 650 varieties of plants, the garden covers an area of about 37 hectares. Over 80 varieties of palms are the major highlights of the garden.

Apart from these, there are also many famous religious sites that include Ganga Talao, Saint Gabriel Church, Kaylasson Temple and Ronaq-Ul-Islam Sunnee Mosque.

Mauritius has a rich history too and the four prominent museums i.e. Curious Corner of Chamarel, L’Adventure du Sucre, Chateau De Labourdonnais, Bois Cheri Tea Factory and Tea Museums (Bois Cherri) bring you close to city.

What To Eat In Your Mauritius Family Holiday:

Mauritius is a plethora of different cuisine whether in restaurants, hotels or on the road. At affordable price one can enjoy the delicious local foods. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian can get good food in most of the restaurants. Fish- lovers can get a variety of fish and fish dishes at Mauritius. The famous fish dish “Big shots plate of blended greens” is made by shellfish, shrimps, crayfish, crabs and prawns and is served in the centre of a palm tree. Dholl Puri, Roti Chaud, and Samosas, Gajak are some of the famous veg food you can try here. The non-vegetarian specialties include Creole Fish Rougaille, Daube, Vindaye, and Octopus Curry etc.


If you are a shopping lover, then Mauritius family holiday can bring you the ultimate pleasure. Throughout the island, you can find different shopping markets where you can buy souvenirs and gifts at low costs. The central market in Port Louis is one of the best places to eat, shop, and stroll around the streets to catch a glimpse of the busy life of Mauritians. Mauritian jewellery, Buddha heads and stuffed dodos are some of the most bought things among tourists.

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