Top Places To Visit In Maldives

Top Places To Visit In Maldives

Maldives, a tropical haven of immaculate beaches, is essentially a heaven where individuals can spend long days to simply loosen up and unwind. The island offers blue seas, white sandy beaches and magnificent reefs and various vegetations. Below are the popular tourist places that one must not miss while on Maldives Holidays

Sun Island: Sun Island, also known as Nalaguraidhoo Island, is situated on south Ari Atoll. With a length of approximately 1.6 km and a width of 440 meters the island is known for its breathtaking beaches, vast turquoise lagoon, tropical blooms, and lush greenery. It has some of the most lavish resorts in the Maldives with Villa Hotels that offers present day comfort with extraordinary offices. The immaculate blue waters and the isolation offered by the luxurious resorts make this a perfect place for your Maldives Holidays.

Alimatha Island: Located at the Vaavu Atoll on the eastern side of the Maldives, Alimatha Island is one of the most beautiful spots for diving, snorkelling, canoeing, and boating, that you can include in Maldives Holidays. The island has rich green vegetation encompassed by shorelines and many astonishing destinations. You can enjoy the Ayurvedic massage, spa as well as bars and restaurants in Alimatha Island.

Banana Reef: Located underwater between the Isles of North Male Atoll, this is a must visit place in your Maldives Holidays. Called in such name because, it has a shape of a banana that stretches out 300 meters from north to south. It is one of the oldest reefs discovered in the Maldives. The place has awe-inspiring caves, steep cliffs and coral growths. The best part of Banana Reef are the reef sharks, barracudas and the striped snappers and other marine life like the squirrelfish, soldierfish and Maldivian grub fish that can be seen swimming just around you.

Manta Point: Manta Point also known as Emas Thila, is aseaonal dive spot on the south eastern side of North Male Atoll and in the months of May to November, during west monsoon season, Manta Point truly comes alive. Manta cleaning stations are located here where the Mantas queue up to use the services of the cleaner wrasse living there. Divers can enjoy slightly around watching the Mantas come again and again.  While Manta Rays are the main attraction here, one can witness white tip reef sharks, eagle rays, hump head wrasse, barracuda and hawkbill turtles.

Mirihi Island:  Named after a local flower, Mirihi Island, an isolated island has exclusive reef and a pristine beach. Honeymooners can enjoy full solace here in the resort, which offers 36 tourist bungalows. The island is entirely covered with palm trees and lined with white sands and the water bungalows here are an added attraction.

HP Reef: Situated at the North Male Atoll, HP Reef is one of the best jumping destinations where you can investigate various types of heavenly coral reef developments and brilliant fish submerged. The place is often referred to as Rainbow Reef for its array of colours. HP Reef is not meant for the faint-hearted as this dive site has strong currents. You can witness reef fish, manta rays, dog tooth tunas and other marine life here.

Old Friday Mosque: Hukuru Miskiiy or the Old Friday Mosque is the oldest as well as the most established mosque in Maldives. The inside of the mosque has beautiful lacquer work and fine woodcarvings and the walls of the mosque are intricately carved with coral stone and Arabic script. The mosque has tombs that have been raised for the memory of sultans, legends and nobles.

Male, the capital should be included in your Maldives holidays:  If you are visiting Maldives, you should not miss out on the most popular and busy destination Male, the capital of the Republic of Maldives. The place is known for its ancient mosque and colourful buildings. With heritage buildings on the one hand, and trees and turquoise waters on the other, Male is a must visit. From strolling on the streets to shopping, you would love every bit of the city.

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