A Trip You Have Longed For Years (6 Days and 5 Nights in Andaman)

A Trip You Have Longed For Years (6 Days and 5 Nights in Andaman)

There are many places under the Indian constituency where you can go on vacation and created uncountable cherishable memories, Andaman is one of them. While others are planning for going outside of the country which is very expensive then you can opt for Andaman tours travel at a reasonable cost. If you want a calm, romantic beach then Andaman will be top of your list. This place has a huge connection with our Indian history as so many freedom fighters spend their life in Andaman cell. There are lots of tour companies are offering different packages, but here you can make your own customized tour package of Andaman.

Andaman Tours Travel

This Island is under Union territory of India. This Island is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal. If you want to be out of the herd to make memories of honeymoon then Andaman will come first. If you want to unveil the mystery of Indian history of the political situation of pre-independence time then this place is just perfect for you. There are lots of hotels; according to your purpose, we can arrange the best hotel for you.

Apart from Andaman, you can visit so many islands. Some islands are restricted to go there physically as tribes are living there. You can check out their lives through different options while traveling through ferries from distance. They have their own world. We don’t have permission to do there. Andaman is such type of place where you can set the entire day on the beach to enjoy the beauty of the sea. You can go check out our Andaman tour package.  In our package, you will experience Port Blair, Neil Island, and Havelock Island etc. In some beaches, you can avail underwater diving. If you don’t know swimming, don’t worry, the trainer will be there for you.

What will you require while visiting Andaman?

  • Pair of sunglasses.
  • Sandals.
  • Different colorful shorts/swimsuits.
  • Sunscreen Lotion.

Check out our Andaman tours travel package based on your requirement

Day 1-

Port Blair airport
Port Blair airport

You will arrive at Port Blair airport at morning/noon. Our assistance will receive you and take you to the hotel in Port Blair. After that, you can take rest for sometimes and take some snacks in the evening. After taking lunch (provided by the hotel), visit the Cellular jail, where British rulers kept so many freedom fighters as prisoners in this jail. This jail was known ‘’Kala Pani’’ that time. After that, you can enjoy some water rides in sports complex like a banana ride, Jet Ski, speedboat ride etc. You always have to carry some extra clothes. So whenever you get wet you can change it. At evening you will experience light and sound show in cellular jail. After that, you will return to the hotel and will take your meal and stay overnight there.

Day 2-

Radha Nagar beach
Radha Nagar beach

You have to wake early morning as morning ferry starts its journey timely. If you miss then you will miss so many things. So try to wake up early. Through this ferry, you will go to Havelock Island. Don’t forget to pack breakfast from the hotel (provided by the hotel). You will roam different beaches on this Island and visit Radha Nagar beach which is a very well known beach as Asia’s one of the best beach. You can take lunch on the beach. After roaming all the beaches you will stay overnight in the hotel in Havelock. Meals are included in your Andaman tours travel package. You won’t have to spend anything.

Day 3-

underwater driving
underwater driving

You need to rise up very early as you will go for underwater diving in elephant beach. You will go there by car which will pick up from the hotel and need to wear some underwater costume. This will be your memorable experience for a lifetime. You will experience colorful reefs etc. After this, you can relax on the beach. And finally, you will go back to Havelock Island.

Day 4-

Neil Island
Neil Island

After taking breakfast you have to check out from this hotel and will go to Neil Island by ferry boat. There you will check in another hotel. In this Island, you will visit Bharatpur beach and Laxmanpur beach. These two beaches are very popular. You stay there overnight. Meals will be provided by the hotel.

Day 5-

After taking breakfast, you will require to check out from the hotel of Neil Island. You will take a ferry to Havelock Island. Check in the hotel and take rest. You want to roam into the local market or just sit on the beach and feel the serenity of the sea (Bay of Bengal) and nature’s beauty. Stay their overnight.

Day 6-

You need to pack your bag as it is time to go home. Our assistance will take you to the airport timely. End of our Andaman tours travel and services.

So what are you thinking about? In this vacation, you can explore your country in a different way through our Andaman tours travel package.

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