Andaman And Nicobar Islands: The Most Loved Honeymoon Destination

Andaman And Nicobar Islands: The Most Loved Honeymoon Destination

Travelling is not just fun but it is a lifetime experience. When it is your honeymoon then that is an unforgettable experience. Andaman and Nicobar Islands with its breath-taking beautiful coastline and the lush forested interior is the perfect honeymoon destination for any couple. If you want to plan a trip, then opt for Andaman honeymoon packages. This place will give you bundles of memories that you can cherish forever.


What all you can experience through Andaman honeymoon packages?

Along with shimmering water surrounded by mangrove forest, Andaman’s beaches glow in sunsets. Today it is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations for the couples. Here is a list of things that you can do at Andaman:

  • In this visit, you can explore sunny beaches, stunning islands, and various exciting water sports. Most importantly you can indulge in delectable seafood or visit historical landmarks. You can consult the travel experts for booking a package and find out whether these activities are included in your package.
  • Over years Andaman tourism has increased significantly. Most of the honeymooners love to visit these islands for a view of their dense rain-fed, evergreen forests and numerous exotic flora and fauna. The trip would be incomplete without exploring the beaches with your beloved one. Make sure that you sit on the pristine beaches and experience the crystal-clear waters and calming sea breeze.
  • The best Andaman honeymoon packages offer you a twenty-minute ride from Port Blair to Ross Island. It is former capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. During British rule in India, this island was crucial for its geographical importance. Thus, it has lots of ancient relics and broken structures of governmental offices, churches, and other historical sites. It is a must visit in the Andaman trip. The perfect mixture of forests, old buildings will definitely fascinate you and your love.
  • Radhanagar beach is such a beach which is 7th most beautiful beach in the world. Sunrise and sunset on this beach are treated to watch. Couples can sit on the shore for hours together admiring the beauty of nature. If you like to adventure then you can have some scuba diving and other water sports available at the beach. There is numerous seafood available at the food stalls on Radhanagar beach. Along with these lip-smacking foods you can even order some refreshing coconut drinks. So, purchase Andaman honeymoon packages and visit, breathe and get mesmerized by its beauty.
  • Another place of interest at Andaman is Viper island which is named after the vessel that met a wreck. This is home to one of the many jails which are present throughout this region. It is part of history that you should never miss visiting when you are in Andaman. You can make your booking through Kalpana tour and travels and get free of all hassles of visiting different islands in Andaman. This place is definitely a serene destination for tourists. You can take a harbor cruise from Port Blair to reach this island. All these trips will be included in the package itself.
  • You can’t leave Andaman without having a glimpse of Mount Harriet National park. The largest peak in the Andaman Islands surrounds this national park. It is home of a huge number of saltwater crocodiles, Robber crabs, turtles, and many other beautiful creations. So, make sure that this place is included in the package that you purchase for the trip.
  • While planning your honeymoon to Andaman, you must make sure that the Andaman tour travel package includes Chatham Sawmill. Chatham Sawmill located in Chatham island was set up in the year 1883. It is known as one of the oldest mills in Asia. It was bombed by the enemy in the early years of world war II due to which it got demolished. But in the year 1946, it was again set up and it got back its glory. Till now it has been functioning smoothly.
  • As you are on your honeymoon tour you can explore multiple water sports in the Andaman water sports complex. This is the best way to enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest. Another form of sport that you should try is scuba diving in and around the Barren Islands. You can also include trekking and camping in your bucket list if you both want to be more adventurous on the trip. Most of the couple may not like do so much adventure. For such couples, relaxing on the beach is the best option. Still, there are numerous spa and massages offered a majority of resorts which is an additional relaxation.
  • Food is that factor that you can never miss when you are visiting a new place. All the restaurants have expertise in seafood preparations. From Malabari fish curry to crab claws there are numerous exquisite and delicious dishes served here. Most of the hotels and resorts around port Blair have discos. You should all the services and amenities provided by the hotel before making the final confirmation.

Amidst the beauty of nature, you can make promises for a lifetime togetherness. You can catch a view of sunrise and sunset and capture the ever-lasting memories. If you want to enjoy your honeymoon with unique experiences then grab Andaman honeymoon packages and have a memorable trip without hassles of booking tickets or finding the interesting places of Andaman or any other tourist’s destination.

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